What is an anxiety scale?

Diagnosis of anxiety disorders and their subsequent treatment can be done only by professional mental health experts. But, there are many people who are hesitant to approach a mental health expert for various reasons. They might be worried about the social stigma associated with a visit to the psychiatrist or they might not want others to know about their predicament. The reasons for this hesitation are many but the fact remains that these people are suffering from a serious ailment, which can become even more complicated if time treatment is not provided. The first step is to determine the existence of the ailment and the next step is to identify the intensity or the level of the ailment. This assessment can be done by the individuals themselves with the help of the anxiety scale.

This scale is a questionnaire that contains many queries that people need to answer. The questions are related to specific symptoms, behavioral patterns and mental state of health. These are the aspects that anxiety disorders affect. So, the questions are meant to gather information from the people. The gathered information is analyzed and the answers/results are graded on a scale. The range of the scale is a four point gradation for each answer given by the patients. The gradation usually follows this pattern – “very less; sometimes; often and most of the time” or other similar types of gradation. All questions follow this pattern of gradation and the end results are an accumulation of gradation points. The results are also graded into a four point classification which can roughly be equivalent to – “Normal, mild anxiety, elevated anxiety and extreme anxiety”. These grades are based on the answers provided by the people who are taking the test and so the accuracy of the test results depends up on the quality f answers provided by the people. People will have to be honest while answering to ensure accuracy. Anxiety scale test is a fast and convenient way to determine the presence of this ailment. It is also discreet and provides anonymity to the people. However, this is not a definitive diagnosis because the assessment is not done objectively; it is done automatically with the help of pre loaded formulae. There is a possibility that the assessment might be wrong. The anxiety scale test, therefore, must be used only as a first line of assessment, which must be followed by a professional assessment.

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